Soul-Care Guided Visualization Bundle



The Soul-care Guided Visualization Bundle was designed with your optimal wellbeing in mind.

Remembering you’re the source of your wellbeing and the source of your manifesting abilities is all you need to be able to manifest with ease, bliss and with precision.

Visualizing—having an ongoing visualization practice—is the “secret ingredient” and main pillar of successful manifesting. Making time to get still, to tune-into your soul’s whispers and guidance, while having the opportunity to imagine freely in a quiet space, truly helps you “mentally rehearse,” see and feel “in-advance” what you want to manifest, how you ideally wish to solve problems, as well as to be able to call-forth your highest answers, highest thoughts, and highest emotions.

Guided visualization has been around for centuries. It’s been scientifically proven to increase confidence, self-trust, boost creativity, reduce stress and anxiety, increase focus and concentration, while also doing other physiological things like significantly reducing chronic pain.

The “greats” like Michael Phelps, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie, Henry Ford and many others all credit their success and happiness to practicing ongoing guided visualization.

Included in this bundle are 3 bespoke visualizations to help you reduce stress, have stronger self-belief, create deeper inner calm, and unlock your purest form of joy. Each of the guided visualizations contain specific meditation and visualization techniques to help impress your subconscious and conscious mind with affirmative language that supports you in living out your dreams while enjoying a fulfilling life.


The scientific benefits of keeping a visioning practice:


  • Deeper focus
  • Better memory
  • More self-confidence
  • A stronger sense of self + direction
  • Reduced stress
  • 33-35% reduction in chronic pain
  • Better decision-making, less impulsivity and reactivity—more response driven behavior
  • Deeper clarity for your life
  • The desire and willingness to pursue your dreams



The first visualization in this bundle is entitled, “Self-belief and Self-love.” In this guided visualization, you’ll go on a journey where you’ll meet your most loved self. You’re encouraged in this visualization to embrace the essence of you so you can live in full self-acceptance and strong self-worth, leaving behind any self-doubt, self-judgment and self-criticism.


The second visualization is entitled, “Unlock your Inner Joy.” This guided visualization has you seeing your cells in your body, filling them with light and activating them with pure positive joy and bliss. You’ll feel recharged, re-birthed ¬†and recalibrated after listening to this visualization. You may find yourself giggling or feeling like you’re having a lot of fun and play while listening to this visualization.


The final visualization in the Soul-care bundle is called, “Reconnect to Peace.” The purpose of this visualization is to reconnect to your natural state of peace, inner calm and wellbeing. This visualization is also filled with affirmations, nature scenery, and having a positive encounter with your most positive peaceful self. You’ll feel more serene, tranquil, and at-ease as a result of working with this guided visualization.



  • Choose a day each week–make this day “your day.”
  • Get in cozy, comfy clothing and lie down on the floor or in a recliner
  • Tell housemates you need privacy on this day so you can do your guided visualization work.
  • Keep a journal handy to jot down any observations, emotions or epiphanies each time you do these guided visualizations.
  • Make your guided visualization work an ongoing practice for optimal effect. If you do at least one guided visualization per week, you will notice massive benefits in how you take decisions, quiet down the voice of your inner critic, and start taking active inspiration action toward your dreams, goals and plans.


*Never drive while listening to guided visualizations or operate heavy equipment. Additionally, please do not listen to these while bathing as they can induce sleep.


Benefits of purchasing the Soul-Care Guided Visualization Bundle:


  • More self-confidence, less self-doubt
  • Stronger self-belief
  • Deeper self-connection, less anxiety, more inner-peace
  • Living more honestly with less self-sabotage and less self-seducing and denial
  • More success, joy and a sense of fulfillment
  • Living on-purpose
  • Really feeling like you’re living YOUR life, not what’s expected of you