Reset + Release Online Retreat at Zoom—Wednesday, May 26 from 7-10 pm CET (Amsterdam time)

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  • Been stuck in a rut? Don’t know how to pull yourself out of it?
  • Feeling blocked and like you need a safe space to express anger, frustration, sadness or pent-up anxiety, worry, fear or panic?
  • Want to move past some limiting beliefs but can’t seem to find a way—feeling like you need some new tools or motivation to make that happen?

If you resonated with just one of the questions above, The Reset + Release Retreat may be the very space you need to be able to come back home to you while releasing behaviors that are starting to feel too heavy, too dense, and too stifling.


In this 3-hour online retreat on Wednesday, May 26 from 7-10 pm CET (Amsterdam), you’ll:


  • Cleanse emotions—a powerful yet gentle movement that helps you clean the emotions of sadness, anger, and fear while locking in joy. This exercise gets you in touch with any lingering, stuck, stagnant emotions you may not even be aware where there while helping you process them in a safe way which then paves the way for new openings and empowered pathways to help you manifest with ease, grace + precision
  • Practice personification by writing letters to and from any emotions that are causing problems, challenges or frustration—this powerful technique helps you reframe and see emotions like sadness, anger, bitterness, resentment, etc., as “mentors” or “guides” trying to show you exactly where your soul is seeking deep change in your life
  • Practice Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping) where you tap on meridian points while saying a gentle NLP script to help you physically, mentally and emotionally release any blocks that are holding you back from manifesting your dreams, goals and desires
  • Work with the Divine Will to Express and Divine Will to Evolve in order to help you shift out your current state of consciousness so you can up-level and evolve into more Higher Self work
  • Guided Visualizations using the Divine Wills and Future Self to help you re-set, realign, and recharge
  • Create a Being Board to help you align with your essence and soul-self —help you see how you want to live and which Self you’d like to love and lead from

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