Manifesting Money Workshop–Tuesday, May 11 from 7-10 pm CET (Amsterdam)

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Come learn the benefits of taking your time to map out your new relationship with money and abundance.


In this 3- hour workshop on Tuesday, May 11 from 7-10 pm CET (Amsterdam time), you’ll learn, experience and benefit from:


  • Discovering the 6 Basic Fears and powerful¬†ways to overcome them
  • Receiving ¬†techniques + inspiration to increase self-worth, self-love + self-acceptance
  • Releasing your specific money-blocks with a customized EFT (emotional freedom technique) aka “tapping” session
  • Unraveling all the pieces to your old money story while rewriting your new money story
  • Participating in a customized Guided Visualization called, “Manifesting Money” to help boost confidence and decision-making when it comes to abundance and prosperity
  • Working Money + Abundance Affirmations together in the workshop
  • Learning why keeping a Money Journal can save your life!
  • Starting to see money as a friend by building a healthy partnership + relationship with money
  • Defining what abundance is for you while finding where you already have it
  • Discovering the Magnetizing technique with Sho Ku Rei (from Reiki) and how it works like a charm every time to attract exactly what you’re seeking
  • Practicing EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, aka “tapping”) to move money blocks and replace them with new abundant thought patterns

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