Manifesting Mental Wellness + Emotional Balance: An interactive workbook for more personal power, purpose and prosperity in your life and work

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In this 25-page interactive workbook, you’ll find 16 different worksheets  with various inquiries, exercises, and activities to help  you define and identify exactly what your version of Mental Wellness and Emotional Balance  is to you. Ideally, by doing the work in this workbook, you’ll gain clarity on your life purpose, feel more empowered, and have a clearer picture of how to manifest prosperity and abundance.

Consider this workbook your “coach -at-home.”

While many consider Coaching  a luxury, this workbook was written by a Certified Co-Creative + Co-Active Coach with many fun, engaging, and thought-provoking Life Coaching exercises so you’ll feel like you’re actually working with your very own Life Coach without the heavy price tag attached.

The workbook was designed to feel “light” and reflective yet packs a powerful and purposeful “punch” with long-lasting effects if you commit to doing the exercises inside. The payoffs of using this workbook in an ongoing way is that you’ll always have your very own words, ideas, and intentions in one place for constant reference.

It’s recommended you do one exercise per week on the same day at the same time so you commit to finishing the book. It’s suggested you make it part of your Self-Care practice.

This book is a great companion guide to any of the courses offered by Life Coach Laurie.