Guided Visualization: Problem-solving + Boundary-setting [a single]



In this guided visualization, you will be fully relaxed ¬†through guided meditation and then immediately taken into guided visualization and guided imagery with the intention of emotionally, mentally, and psychologically distancing yourself from current issues and challenges. Then, you will be taken into creative, fun, and unique ways to solve any struggles you’re facing with confidence, grace, and ease.

Self-doubt will be overcome and you will be more connected with your soul. Decision-making will be easier and you will know which path to take in any given situation.

Included in this guided visualization are affirmations to lock-in the power of positive thinking and while unlocking any blocks you may have.

For additional support, you may want to also check out the Soul-care Guided Visualization which has 3 separate guided visualizations with  the topics: Self-belief + Self-love, Unlock Your Inner Joy, and Reconnect to Peace. This 3-pack can also help you solve problems and set boundaries easier because they boost your esteem, sense of worth and confidence while helping you lead from peace and joy.


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